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A strategic planning consulting service project was implemented in the healthcare sector

2023-02-27   109

SRM consulting completed the consulting service project for developing a strategic plan for Goviin Sondor LLC, which operates in the field of hospitals and pharmacies. Within the framework of strategic planning consulting services, the client company defined a 3-year strategic plan, key staff responsibilities, and KPIs. In the course of consulting services, the consulting team has organized training and seminars to empower the company's management team, and has taken a number of measures to increase the sales of drugstore, the comprehensive medical services, and the speed of service in cooperation with the client company.

About the client company: 

Goviin Sondor LLC is an enterprise that is established in 2005 and operates in Sumber and Shivee-Gobi districts of Gobi-Sumber province. In 2020, the company expanded its operations by opening the Enhbilig Hospital which has outpatient and inpatient departments. Goviin Sondor LLC is a private healthcare organization that has been repeatedly selected as the TOP enterprise and outstanding organization of Gobi-Sumber province.

This project is supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's (EBRD) Small and Medium Business Support Program.


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