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Supplier development consulting

SRM consulting provides supplier & enterprise development consultancy services in following areas:  

  • Product development & diversification
  • Organization & strategy
  • Human resource
  • Quality management standards
  • Health and safety standards

Supplier development program (SDP)

SDP’s objectives are build capabilities and capacity of diverse suppliers to enhance their competitiveness and support growth. The primary focus of this training and developmental program is to improve effectiveness of the diverse suppliers to meet the needs of buyer and to create conditions for them to competitively seek contracts and business opportunities in the local market.

On-Site Compliance Audits

The on-site audit is intended to provide a regulated business with a view of its current level of compliance against its regulatory requirements and/or stakeholder demands. Our professionals assist in addressing them by updating existing policies and procedures, not only identify the compliance gaps that may exist in the a business. The audit will look at the following areas:

  • Review policies and procedures
  • Human resource management
  • Quality management
  • Health and safety
  • Laws and regulations needs and requirements


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